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What is Call Routing?

Call Routing enables you to collect all of your business calls from anywhere, on any mobile device, 24/7. You can control where calls to your business phone number are diverted to, based on the time of day and to multiple mobiles or landline phones. Additionally, you can control the number of rings before stepping to the 2nd or 3rd target.  Never miss a business call again!

Why Should I have Call Routing?

By investing in a Business Inbound Number, you can set up a Call Routing plan and save time, money and credibility in the future, should anything unforeseen happen. This is also a great service to use during holiday periods.

How do I set up Call Routing?

Using our partner Telecomms World online control panel, you have complete control over your Call Routing to be customised to best suit you, your business and how you want your customers to be handled. Telecomms World have developed an intelligent Call Routing service that enables you to capture all of your calls from anywhere, on any device, 24/7.

Over 2.9 Million available on our partner Telecoms World network. Choose your perfect, memorable business virtual inbound phone number to promote your company nationwide, in any town / city. A wide range of numbers are available from our Tier-1 network and incoming calls can be routed to any UK landline or mobile phone number.

What are Virtual Numbers?

A Virtual Number, also known as a local or geographical number, is an inbound number with a local call prefix (such as 0121 for Birmingham) that can be called at a local or national rate. Create a presence in any UK town or city by choosing a variety of “local” Virtual Numbers starting 01 or 02.

How do I get a Virtual Number for my business?

With over 2 million geographic phone numbers available to choose for your business, our partner Telecoms World has the perfect range of memorable 01/02 Numbers to promote your business in any town or city across the UK from 99p per month with 4000 inclusive minutes.

Is it free to call 01 / 02 Numbers?

The cost to call any 01, 02, or 03 geographic numbers are all charged at local-rate. They are either very low call costs when no phone plan is in place, or often free to call when using inclusive minutes on a landline or mobile phone package.

*Price table updated -27/12/2023 –

What is a VoIP Phone System?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)  phone system, also known as cloud telephony or hosted phone system, is where a business phone system is hosted in the cloud with online access. It can be used over a variety of devices to make and receive calls, including desk phones, computers or laptops and smart phones.

How does VoIP Phone System work?

With VoIP phone system it doesn’t matter where a phone actually is – a VoIP telephone can be used on any device where there is internet connection. This geographical independence means that achieving business continuity and having a disaster recovery solution is possible – without additional cost.

What are the benefits of a VoIP Phone System?

The main advantage of VoIP is that it’s the cheaper option for the phone calls. But another key advantage is being able to combine phone calls with business data. Link offices, mobile phones and home workers on to one simple, easy-to-use system. Opting for a Hosted Phone System also allows you to handle calls with a professional greeting, a range of options to direct callers to the correct department and a queuing system to handle high call volumes.

Leading VoIP Phone Systems from only £6.99/month.  See If You Qualify for FREE Handsets and FREE Calls by contacting us.

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What is a Virtual Receptionist?

A Virtual Receptionist or Interactive Voice Response (IVR), enables your customers to connect with the right person or department of your business by pressing the number buttons on their telephone keypad. Allowing you to route business calls based on what your customers choose.

How does a Virtual Receptionist work?

A Virtual Receptionist is an effective call management tool that eliminates the need of multiple diverts, extended wait times or just no answer. Callers can select a choice of up to 10 telephone keypad options to route them to the correct person or department. You could even divert all options to the same number and help your business appear larger.

Why Should I get a Virtual Receptionist?

Customers decide a lot about your business by the way they are greeted and handled over the phone; make the best first impression you can with our auto-attendant. Professional voice artists are also available to record your greetings and messages; allowing you to set a professional tone for your business telephony.

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