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Here at SME Web Solutions we offer CMS Web Designs for standard websites to meet your requirements.  We will be using the most popular CMS tool, WordPress.  It is cost effective easy to use and also offers modern layouts that will be packed with a lot of features that you’ve requested us to make.

We all have to admit that it is human nature to judge by appearance and quality. If your website is well presented and good looking, adheres to web design standards, fast and easy to use, the user will have a positive impression of your company. It will instil a trust and confidence in the user and eventually may convert him into a potential buyer. And on the contrary, if your website has a poor design, is slow, confusing and not user friendly then it may turn the users away and damage your company image. Every site needs good web design.

We listen to your ideas, understand your needs and requirements. We design your site with your marketing goals in mind, adhering to the web design standards, accessibility, usability to make sure it loads as quickly as possible and yet user friendly. When we build your website we also make sure your website is search engine friendly.

Core Features


Customised Artwork

Our experienced designers will create customised artwork for your website that meets all of your needs and wows your customers.

Simple To Use

Depending on your requirements, we will choose the best content management system for you. All of the content management systems we work with are simple to use so you can easily control your website.

Flexible To Update

Having a content managed website gives you the flexibility and freedom to update your website whenever you want. Need a new page? No problem! Want to add a new picture? It’s easy.

Search Engine Friendly

To get higher up in Google’s search engine rankings you need search engine optimisation. Having a content management system means that you can optimise your site so it appears higher in the search engines.

Responsive Design

With a content managed site, you can choose to make it responsive so that it works across all devices – including desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices.

Free Training

Having a content managed site is great because you can manage and update your site yourself. We offer free training so you can learn how to do this and feel fully confident with using your site on your own.

Advanced Features


Search Engine Optimisation

Basic SEO service included.

SSL Certificate

Free SSL certificate for 1 year. Security protection features are available to purchase to protect your website against hacking and malware.

Premium Customer Support

We will offer premium customer support so that you get all the support whenever you need.

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