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At SME Web Solutions Limited  we specialise in providing card payment solutions to small and medium size businesses. All of our credit card terminals are supplied with the latest security and technology and we are partners with one of the UK’s largest Financial Institutions.

Whether your business is looking to start credit and debit card payments or you are looking to switch to a new provider – Talk to us, our competitive rates, superfast set up and hassle-free card payment solutions can save you money whilst maximising your sales!

From our range of traditional card machines and online gateway solutions we are sure that we have the right terminal to suit your business.  Below are some of our range of card payment solutions.

We are trusted and have registered UK retailers, coffee shops, restaurants, convenient stores and many others.

Our Payment Solutions

Mobile Card Machine

With our mobile card machine you are able to accept credit card payments on the go. These handheld credit card machines are wireless and are easy to carry around. Our mobile credit card machines come with a roaming SIM card which means the credit card machine will automatically search for the strongest mobile phone signal anywhere in the UK. These credit card machines can also be configured for pre-authorizations, gratuities & Cashback!

In addition to all major credit and debit cards such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express, our mobile card machine is configured for contactless payments – the latest fast and secure way for your customers to pay. Our mobile card machine is easy to install – follow the simple instructions to start accepting card payments within minutes!

Virtual Terminal

What is a Virtual Terminal?

A Virtual Terminal is a web-based version of a traditional credit card machine which can be accessed securely from any internet connected web-browser or device such as PC, tablet or smartphone.

Our Virtual Terminal allows you to enter your customer’s credit/debit card details directly into an on-line payment form which will then use to process the transaction. With one Virtual Terminal solution you can also have multiple user IDs making the solution ideal for businesses who have a number of employees needing to access a payment system.

The Virtual Terminal is a great solution for businesses who need to take orders by phone, fax or by post and because the Virtual Terminal is based on-line, there is no need for hardware or software to be installed.

How it all works:

Step 1 -Log into your virtual terminal account

Step 2- Enter the customer’s credit/debit card details

Step 3 – The payment is sent out to our payment gateway

Step 4 – The payment is processed and settled

 Key benefits:

  • Easy to use
  • Take payments over the phone, mail or fax
  • No hardware or software to be installed
  • Accessible from any web browser
  • Can be used for recurring payments
  • Detailed transaction reporting

Payment Gateway

What is an Online Payment Gateway?

An Online Payment Gateway solution allows customers to your website to make payments for goods and services using a credit or debit card. Payments can typically be taken from customers in most countries around the world allowing you to dramatically increase the reach of your business and geographic spread of your customer base. Our Online Payment System consists of a merchant account and a Payment Gateway which are compatible with a large range of off-the-shelf website shopping cart solutions.

Our Online Payment System gives you ability to be open and serve customers 24/7

Key benefits

  • No fixed monthly charge*
  • Easy to use
  • Ability to be open and serve customers 24/7
  • Maximize your customer base – Reach customers nationwide or even globally
  • Near real  time reporting of the transactions
  • Real-time payment authorisation
  • Includes a virtual terminal solution for on-line payments
  • Low operational costs

 How it all works:

Step 1 – Customer adds items to the online shopping cart

Step 2 – Customer is ready to checkout and enters their credit card details to your secure payment page

Step 3 – The payment is sent to our payment gateway

Step 4 -Payment is processed and the order is confirmed!

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