Website Maintenance Packages

Website Maintenance Packages

We offer three levels of Website Maintenance Packages: Small, Medium & Large.

Website Maintainance Table

*We aim to respond to all client requests within 24 hours from Monday to Friday but at peak times this may be longer, up to the times shown.

**Website hosting costs can be higher for very large websites/E-Commerce stores but this would be discussed on your website maintenance proposal.

***Additional cost is for time spent updating the website above the time agreed during the month, time is accrued by the minute, for example, an extra 30 minutes on a five hour plan would cost an additional £12.50.

Which package is right for my website?

We’ve tailored our website maintenance packages to fit with websites of similar size, for example:

Small – Suitable for a one or two page banner website that doesn’t change very often and doesn’t require much hosting space.

Medium – Suitable and perfect for Content Management System (CMS) websites, such as Word Press that have multiple pages and require regular upgrades to the system and any extensions or plug ins.

Large – Aimed towards e-Commerce stores and very large websites where services or product updates such as stock & pricing are required frequently along with daily backups.

All businesses and websites are distinctive, if you don’t feel your website fits into one of these packages we can arrange a custom package including hosting, backups including as many updates and hours as you need.

Please get in touch with your requirements and we will work out the perfect package arrangement for you.

Time per month

Common question asked by clients are how long it takes to action certain tasks and what will we do for the time each month.

To answer this question is tricky but to give you an idea for our most popular Medium package, it would take us around 15-30 minutes to create and upload a banner, so long as the content information provided by you, leaving plenty of time to perform other tasks, however, if you need us to write up content, much of this two hours would be taken up researching and then writing it.

The beauty of our website maintenance packages is the time can be spent differently each month. Perhaps you need a new web page put together along with some images and news postings one month, while the following month we work on Search Engine Optimisation improvements. We’re happy to work this out best for you whilst ensuring the necessity of updating your websites system (where applicable) is always a priority.

We’ll keep you informed each month by way of our invoice as to what work has been completed and if we think we’ll need to go over the arranged monthly time we’ll agree it with you before any work is completed.

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