E-Commerce Website


E-Commerce Website

Choosing an e-commerce site lets you sell your products and services through your website. This means that your business operates all of the time, allowing customers to buy your products even when you’re not working! With full payment facilities, you can manage all your products and prices yourself, giving you the flexibility and freedom to keep your content up-to-date.

Depending on your requirements, we will recommend the payment solutions that suit you and your customers most. No e-commerce website is the same so we carefully plan your site so that it has the best features and design to work with your customers’ shopping behaviour as well as your website objectives.

An e-commerce site comes with a content management system which will allow you to update, add and delete content from your site yourself. This means that if you want to add new products or need to change anything on your website, you can easily do this yourself. Once we build your site, we will give you training to teach you how to use your system so that you feel fully confident to use your website independently.

Want to start selling your products in a new website? We offer FREE website consultations so that we can gain an understanding of your needs and advise you on the features your new website needs to achieve your goals. Contact us now to book a consultation with one of our website developers.

Core Features

Shopping Cart

An online shopping cart so that customers can easily select and purchase products from you.

Increase Your Sales

Easily manage your sales. Our websites come with an easy to use dashboard which clearly displays all of your sales metrics.

Shop From Any Device

Most online shopping is now done from a mobile device. We can help you to take advantage of this and increase sales by creating a tailored shopping store that works perfectly on smaller screens.

Customer Accounts

Let your customers sign up to an online account so they can easily buy your products. This feature encourages customer loyalty and will give you access to the details of your customers for marketing purposes.

Flexibility To Update

With an e-commerce site you will get a content management system which gives you the flexibility and freedom to update your website whenever you want.

Search Engine Friendly

Search engine optimisation allows you to get higher up in Google’s search engine rankings for certain keywords. Having a content management system means that you can optimise your site so it appears higher in the search engines.

Free Training

Having a content management site is great because you can manage and update your site yourself. We offer free training so you can learn how to do this and feel fully confident with using your site on your own.

Advanced Features

Order Tracing

Let your customers know where their package is with an order tracking system. This keeps everything easy for your customers.

International Store

Have customers overseas? Not a problem! We can offer the solutions so that you can easily sell your products to people in different countries.

One Page Checkout

We can offer a one page checkout to make it super simple and quick for your customers to purchase any products from your website.

Gift Wrap

Do you offer products that can be purchased as gifts? Offering a gift wrapping service lets you compete with big companies like Amazon and Moonpig. We offer a system which lets customers choose different gift wrapping options for their purchases.

Warehouse Management

Keep it simple. Manage your warehouse logistics with added software so you can control everything from your website.

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